Planning your treatment course

Planning your treatment course

The first step of every treatment course is a consultation with Guruji, who performs Nadi Nirmayam. This is the ancient Indian art of reading the pulse. One who has mastered this technique can determine the exact physical state of a patient, including past illnesses and potential future conditions. Through the pulse reading Guruji determines the nature of the complaint, decides the best course of treatment to be taken and prescribes any necessary herbal medicines.

Why treatments at Dharmikam Ashram? 

Firstly, all practitioners who give the treatments at Dharmikam Ashram are highly experienced and trained by Guruji himself. This ensures an authentic application of the ancient healing system of Kalari Chikilsa.

Another aspect that makes the treatments traditional and authentic to the Kalari Chikilsa system is the oils and medicines that practitioners use in the treatments. Each of these are handmade at the ashram under Guruji’s supervision, according to ancient recipes. Generally, practitioners use three types of medicines, ‘Kashayam,’ or a medicinal liquid concoction, ‘Lehayam,’ or a medicinal jelly concoction, and ‘Gulika,” or a medicinal tablet concoction.

In terms of treatments available, Abhyanga (full body oil massage) forms the basis of the treatment. Practitioners generally perform this particular massage in conjunction with Kizhi (heated medicine bundles) in order to maximize the healing effects to the patient. Other treatments include Shiro Dhara (head oil bath),
 Anga Dhara (full body oil bath),
 Avi Chikilsa (full body medicinal steam) and 
Virechanam (Purgation). The course may include other treatments according to the patient’s condition and Guruji’s instructions. To read more about all of the treatments available at Dharmikam Ashram, click here.

Additionally, the food that the ashram provides is nutritious and appropriate for the patient’s condition. Many of the vegetables come right here from the ashram, meaning that the food is ideal for assisting in the detoxification process.

Finally, Kalari Chikilsa is highly effective while still allowing maximum flexibility for the patient’s needs. Practitioners can personalize the treatment course, oils and medicines to the patient’s condition, overall state of health and length of time available. There are recommended course durations, which are described below, but the length of the treatment course is flexible and can fit whatever amount of time the patient is available. With enough time, the treatments provided at Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram can cure nearly any illness or chronic disease.

Course options

Below are the recommended course durations; however, they are adjustable to the patient’s needs.

Nadi Nirmayam  – Diagnosis – 3 Day Course
This course is an introduction to Kalari Chikilsa that includes three treatments. The aim is to conduct a thorough diagnosis from which Guruji and the practitioners can decide on a suitable course of treatment. This treatment course may include medicinal concoctions and advice on recommended dietary or lifestyle changes.

Tapa Abhyavakaranam – Revival – 7 Day Course
This course comprises a minimum of seven treatments and begins to treat problems of a physical nature. The aim is to identify and address major blockages in the Marma System in order to restore the flow of energy in the body. This has the effect of boosting the healing capacities of the body. The patient can expect relaxation and some rejuvenation.

Dhrauvyo Ajangalam – Rejuvenation – 14 Day Course
This course includes a minimum of fourteen treatments. Due to the extended duration of the treatment, this treatment course often includes a wider range of treatment combinations, such as Shiro Dhara, Anga Dhara, Avi Chikilsa or Virechanam. This greatly increases the detoxifying effects of the treatment, and thus the patient may expect a greater degree of relief. The duration is also conducive to a deeper sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Vivrithi Shamanam – Restitution – 21 Day Course
This course includes a minimum of twenty-one treatments that will provide maximum benefit for the patient. The full range of treatments will be available according to the individual needs of the patient. Guruji will coordinate the course in order to ensure maximum detoxification of the body. The patient can expect increased vitality, rejuvenation and a general sense of well-being.