The spiritual center of the ashram is a magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Through regular chanting, prayers and rituals that are held at the temple, the atmosphere at the ashram is very positive, peaceful and pure. Anyone, regardless of religion or cultural background, is welcome to participate in the activities and experience the powerful energy that is present in the temple.

The temple is open every morning for prayer, and every evening for the chanting of the Ramayana, Puja and Aarti. Every Thursday evening Guruji conducts a special Satsang that includes a Bhajan session. A more extensive Puja is held every Saturday morning, during which participants can offer coconuts to Lord Hanuman.

Monthly temple activities consist of three types of ceremonies: Homas, Aditya Pongala and Naga Puja.
Firstly, a Homa is a fire ritual where the mantras pronounced and the medicinal ingredients offered are spread by the fire and smoke throughout the ashram, adding to the healing and pure atmosphere. Three Homas take place every month: Ganapati Homa on the first day of the Malayalam new month dedicated to Lord Ganesh; Mrityunjaya Homa dedicated to Lord Shiva; and Sudarshana Homa dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Secondly, Aditya Pongala is a ritual devoted to the Sun. This is conducted every first Sunday after the new moon during sunrise. Finally, the Naga Puja is a ritual dedicated to the Snake God at the snake temple of the ashram.

The temple of Dharmikam is also the host of several annual events and festival celebrations. The main event of the ashram is Hanuman Jayanti, which is celebrated in April in a very grand manner, followed by the Ashram Varshikam (anniversary) around August/September. Other yearly activities at the temple include Vishu, Guru Purnima, Ramayana Maasam, Onam and Durga Puja (Vijaya Dashmi).

The ashram library, which holds a wide collection of books, is situated at the temple. Participants can enter the library any time the temple is open. The collection consists of books in the languages of English, Malayalam, Hindi and Sanskrit on a wide range of subjects on spirituality, martial arts, healing, scriptures and Indian culture and history.