A strong mind can only exist in a strong carrier and conversely, a healthy body is of no use when the mind is not strong enough to control it. Through Kalari Chikilsa and the practice of Kalaripayattu, the body is healed and the mind is relaxed. The two can then be brought together in harmony and synchronisation through meditation.

The goal of meditation

When meditating, one strives to achieve a state of single, pointed concentration. Only when one succeeds in this can he or she experience true peace, living in the present without worrying about the past or future. This peace allows for true focus that is void of distractions, fears and expectations. Such synchronisation of mind and body is essential for the mind to direct the body to do whatever the mind wishes. This enables the meditator to achieve any purpose in life and truly enjoy bliss in whatever he or she is doing. Therefore, it is the way to both physical and mental health, the key to mastering the martial art, and the very foundation of spirituality.

Those who wish can undergo an initiation into meditation at the ashram by Guruji and receive his guidance in their meditation. Receiving the Kalari Chikilsa treatments while practising meditation will be the most beneficial for body and mind synchronisation. However, those who do not wish to undergo treatment can still learn and practise meditation.

Where to meditate

An ideal place to meditate is in the meditation cave, located at the temple entrance. Anyone is welcome to practise meditation in the cave, and the structure of the cave preserves positive energy. Anyone who spends time in the cave can experience this energy. In fact, many have found that sitting in the cave helps them to enter and remain in a meditative state more easily, resulting in powerful experiences. The cave is an ideal location, but those who wish to meditate can select any spot at the ashram to do so.